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“Who the blankityblank are you, and what the hell are you doing in my room naked?”
Pope John Paul II
(Jan 2 2002)


Drunken Bastard

Long before recorded history, while pulling himself up out of the primordial ooze, Homo Erectus (snicker) first realized that when he hit his friend Gonk in the head with a large stick that it made a certain noise, there was someone else, Moog, standing there and either praised his efforts or told him it sucked dino balls. We (Rock n’ Roll View) are Moog.

I wonder if Home Erectus would have ever bothered in the first place if we knew how bad St. Anger was going to be.

This, in a way, brings me to why we’re here. Music and the love of it. A place we can go to “talk” about man’s greatest invention (sorry humble wheel!) and share with you, the public, our oh so very important opinions.

Like everybody else we believe our taste is the greatest in the world which has lead me and a few likeminded fellows (hounds of hell) to produce this site, where we, with an over inflated sense of self importance, bring said beliefs to you and hopefully turn you on to something that you might not be familiar with, and while opinions are like screenplays (everybody’s got one, mine is about a dead robot that solves his own murder… on Mars). I think we can all agree that music is important to our lives and that St. Anger sucked.

We are Prometheus, we stole the fire (rock music) from the gods to share with the cold and shivering masses of mere mortals (ok the metaphors looses steam pretty quickly) only to be punished by being chained to a rock while vultures play St. Anger over and over again.

Also, there will be other things that’ll pop up every now and then (other interest , stories, musings, what-knots) so I hope everyone will be entertained and informed for a lil’ bit.

And in closing I leave with this. St. Anger sucks. I can’t express this enough… just bleepin’ awful.

Until the next round,

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The Alt. About Page

Rock n’ Roll View is the home of the infamous Drunken Bastard. With his hounds of hell (the writers and editors), the Drunken Bastard (D.B. as those in the biz call him) has set out to be a rock star of Elvis proportions… At the very least, he intends to expose rock n’ roll as it truly is. Just rock n’ roll. Here, you will find D. B.’s and the other writers’ perspective on rock music with album reviews, news and rumors, editorials, and other random things. In the end, D.B. wants you to enjoy your music more.

While you are sitting back listening to the music that you love on your favorite pair of speakers, headphones, whatever, you’ll have the chance while you are at the Rock n’ Roll View to read and experience life as D. B. has in his reminiscings, musings, observations, and writings. Click on the Drunken Bastard category, now.

Get your favorite drink (Newcastle Brown Ale, if you want to be like the Drunken Bastard himself), and turn it up…let’s rock n’ roll.

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