Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Welcome to the Blog of the Drunken Bastard, I’m your host the D.B. himself this is going to be the area where I let my creative juices flow (eeewwww ), and hopefully exorcize my inner demons (specifically the one I call Beelzebubba who’s baseball cap , bib overalls , and ever flowing tobacco spit dribbling down his chin has haunted me ever since I was a young bastard.

I guess I’ll start by telling ya a lil’ bit about myself. I was born in a lil’ town in Northwest GA. called Dalton about 35 years ago (Red clay and Lint is our claim to fame.) to a Dutch- Irish mother and a Irish-Dutch father. I’ve lived my whole life here and at best I have a love/hate relationship with home-sweet-home. My first experience with alchy- hol was when I was 15 and I thought I was going to spontaneously combust when on a hot Ga. night steam started coming off my hand (you just don’t notice that kind of shit when you’re sober), and now I consider myself somewhat of an afis…. Afishiu … ah fuck it … an expert on beer drinkin , from the days of diggin’ change out of the sofa so we could buy a case of Milwaukee’s Best to payin’ $10 a six pack for Newcastle Brown (what a long and winding road it’s been).

Be warned that my language and writing is the way I talk, so if your critiquin’ me on my writing let me save you some trouble … I’m not a writer … I’m just tryin to entertain people with stories of my misspent youth, and adulthood, and early middle age.

And if my use of 4 letter words offends any of ya’ll out there I have one thing to say ….. (What The Fuck Are You Visiting A Blog That Has The Word Bastard In It … You Goob.)

I would be doing any of this stuff if it wasn’t for my good friend Donnie for twenty some-odd years who has encourage me to put my pen to computer (and then I had to buy a new monitor because I totally misinterpret what he meant) and designed this page for me, and so to you my life long friend I say thank you.

Also I would like to thank the rest of the Gang , Robert , Lee , Brian , Bobby, and the mysterious Mr. X who’s influences and spare change has turned me into The Drunken Bastard that I am today ( it’s not the same without ya’ll muchachos).
Until next time


  1. Hey D.B. just wanted to say that i loved your site! will deff. be here again to leave another boring comment such as this one! anywho, the use of 4 letter words dont offend me and you are just a lonly goob who needs to get out and expierence the world befofe you get to old, because now you are young enough your monument will still rise without a lil blue pill…. lol i love you scott!!!

  2. Hey D.B.
    I just wanted to say hey to an old high school friend. Your site is great. I hope you do well and I will visit you often

  3. I hope life is treating you well.
    I hope to hear from you again.

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