Stoned Again with Sword from Metalized (Canadian Metal)

A couple of weeks ago, I was having a conversation with a young rock fan (who shall remain anonymous). This young rock fan has been raised proper and has good taste in music, so these conversations are usually a pleasure with both trading ideas. In this conversation, the young rock fan asked me if I have ever heard of The Sword. “Well, hell yeah”, I said. He went on to show me a couple of videos on YouTube. As the songs played, I relized that The Sword is not the same as Sword, which is what I was thinking. I didn’t say anything (who wants to look like a dumbass?) and went on to listen to these songs. I was impressed with THE SWORD. They are a stoner rock band from Texas with, as you could imagine, a lot of midieval imagery. Cool stuff, we’ll have more on them at a later time.

That conversation did bring back my memory of Sword, the Canadian power metal band from Canada that had some moderate success in the States during the mid to late 80’s and were really successful on the Canadian metal scene. I heard their first album, Metalized, and was blown away. The singer is a whaler… the guitarist is as metalic as you could imagine… the bass and drum hold that groove that make the songs hang with you until they finished. The songs, very listenable, melodic, and interesting.

Stand out songs on their first album on Aquarius/Capital called Metalized are Stoned Again, F.T.W. (Follow the Wheel), End of the Night, and Evil Spell. The album as a whole is classic. Dave Mustane of Megadeth called this one of the greatest metal albums of all time. It is one of the best of the mid eighties. This album is tough to find. You can listen to most of the songs on Youtube. That’s not the best way, but if that’s all you got, that’s all you got. Find a CD, you will be glad you did. You may have better luck finding the best of collection and has a few of the tracks from Metalized.

Before the band called in quites they recorded two albums for Aquarius and toured with Metallica and some other top shelf bands. Thanks for the rock n’ roll. As for THE SWORD, they should cover Stoned Again.

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  1. well for sword info go here

    and the singer is mostly only doing french canadian music these days

    i got no news about the other 3 members of swords

    but the story dont stop at swords….
    after the “swords” era , rick hughes formed a band called saints and sinners which is as good as swords was.

    from saints and sinners

    Rick Hughes (vocals)
    Martin Balduc (bass)
    currently working with the french canadian legends eric lapointe

    and more info on guitar hero stephane dufour

    Stephane dufour went on to develop a musical union with Quebec superstar Éric Lapointe. Dufour gave soul to the second Eric Lapointe album and was the producer of his three most recent, best selling releases with harder hitting guitars. This evolution in Dufour’s sound came from the opportunity to unleash his playing, songwriting and producing expertise on his own solo project, Distortion, aimed at music lovers as well as the hard-core guitar fans. This project, layered with feeling and superior craft, began the relationship with Lapointe’s record label and garnered a 2000 ADISQ nomination.

    hope my little update help ya

    keep on rocking
    Unreligious Faith

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