The Best Debut Albums in Rock Music

There are many lists of top albums, heavy metal, hard rock, the 80’s, the 70’s…you name it. These lists come from everywhere including Rolling Stone, VH1, your local radio station and even your mother. There are fewer lists of debut albums, but they do exist. After looking at a few of these lists, I came to the conclusion that these people who are making these lists must not really listen to music at all, at least not rock music. They really must be compiling their list while sipping coffee at Starbucks. I’ll skip the coffee, pass me a beer. I would even do this over a bottle of Night Train, but well, I’m just not that broke, yet. Without further blabbering, here are my top 5 in no particular order. (I’ll need more beer to put them in order.)

Led Zeppelin – I
The beginning of it all that is modern hard rock. If this album is not in your list, or in your collection, please exit this page.

The Doors – Self Titiled
What an amazing album to just listen too. You don’t even have to be stoned. Haunting. Poetic.

Guns n’ Roses – Apitite for Distruction
This really turned the L. A. rock scene on its ears. This was sweaty and grimmey from a place in rock n’ roll that few people have ever been.

Alice In Chains – Face Lift
Not everything from Seatle was trying to be Nirvana. Alice may be the modern founders of stoner metal. What every they were it was just good stuff.

Christ Whitley – Living With the Law
Following his own path, Whitley, made an album for the ages, at least of roots rock fans.

Black Sabbath – Self Titled
Have you been under a rock?

That should get you started. At least you know where I stand.

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  1. What About The Beatles Debut album?

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