Cool Band Names That Will Rule The World (Ideas)

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Are you a musician? Are you a musician in a rock band? Are you a musician in a rock band that needs a name?  The Drunken Bastard and Rock n’ Roll View are here to help with my own personal list that I have been keeping around for many years just in case I learn to play bass. I’ve given up on playing bass; my loss is your gain. Consider this list in the public domain. Use and abuse all you like. If someone has already used any of these thru osmosis (hey there’s a cool one) …sorry, my bad. These band names work for heavy metal, punk, death metal, and brass bands. E-mail us if you have some of your own that you are willing to share with the world. We could add them to the list.

The ScareBares


The don nots


The snakerdoodles

The tricky dicks

F.L.O. (Florescent Light Orchestra)

The Hymnroids

Carpe Poon

The Dägnäbbits

Bold Font Type



Spacely Sprocketts

The Naughty bits

Jeremiah the bullfrog


The Danglies

Triple stout

The bogies

The Cosbynauts

The Distinguished Genitals

The Shuttlecocks

The Sporks

Don Williams of Black Metal

The Y-Nauts

The ForgetMeNauts



Itchy Trigger Finger

The ÜmlÄÜts

Magna Cum Loudly

Those Guys


And the final name that everyone will be clamoring for:

The group of guys that get together and play musical instruments except for that one guy that sings.

PS If you use a name from this list and then trademark it, you agree to not sue The Drunken Bastard of Rock n’ Roll View for trademark infringement with this list.


  1. “The group of guys that get together and play musical instruments except for that one guy that sings.”

    The last one is just killer, lol!

  2. Nice list, some are off the wall a little but still not bad.
    .-= Concrete Prices´s last blog ..What is Used to Create Concrete =-.

  3. Wow, This One Is A Great List. I liked most of the names. I will go with Bold Font Type.
    Mr. Showman´s last blog post ..WordPress Themes For Free Download

  4. I think most of these are okay. I have one more to throw out there that I am thinking of for my band. Tell me what you think.

    Black Star



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