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The first time I heard/saw Beth Hart was at an electronics show a few years ago. I was strolling down the aisle ways minding my own business and there she was, a dirty rock n’ roll chick seducing me with her hypnotic banshee songs on a big screen flanked by a towering pair if speakers. I stood there mesmerized watching this rock n’ roll dream until I was forced to move on when those at the booth changed the DVD.

I immediately sought out every CD she had produced and tracked down the live DVD she had released. I was and am enthralled by Beth Hart and her music. This photo gallery captures her moments and her dangerous beauty. You can’t capture the power and beauty of her music in photos, for that you will have to track down a CD or two. Never mind which one, they all have their merits. Get them all if you can and the must have DVD, Live at the Paradiso.

Many have compared her to Janis Joplin, and I think that is fair, but don’t be mistaken, this girl has her own identity. Someone over at Amazon described her something like this: Her creation was a collaborative work between God and Satan. They combined the best of Janis Joplin, Tina Turner, Otis Redding, and John Lee Hooker then added a bit of spice like atomic energy, several forces of nature such as hurricanes and tornadoes, the pure unapologetic sexuality of the most sensual of strippers, the humanity of mankind, and coated the whole mess with nitro glycerin, then dropped it from the sky…waiting to see what would happen. The result was Beth Hart.

Learn more about Beth Hart at her official web site.

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  1. Beth Hart touches my heart with her totality when she sings her songs. The songs become alive because she sings from deep inside the heart. She entertains us with her every performance. It’s such a magic.

  2. Dont know if anyone is interested but im going to the Nibe Festival in Denmark in June, its from the 30th until 3rd of July, cant wait, there are so many acts on and such a bargain for the price, if anyone is interested, follow the link below, also out little star Beth is on!! I cant wait

  3. I’m sick of all the manufactured music and artists out there so having read some reviews and posts about Beth Hart I’m eager to see what she’s got going on.

  4. She is an amazing artist, not only that, she is very easy on the eyes too :)
    Timothy´s last blog post ..I Finally Quit Smoking

  5. its nice how her nipples show through her white sleeveless shirt

  6. These photos are awesome! Her overall performances are great because she is an amazing artist. She sings from the bottom of her heart. It is a remarkable experience to see her live.
    Antonio@Photobooths´s last blog post ..Photo booth to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee


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