The Answer – Everyday Demons Review (Album/CD)

I just received an advance copy of Everyday Demons from a reader here at the Rock n’ Roll View of  The Answer-Everyday Demons! Thank you dear reader! I wanted to post up my first impressions of the second full length release from the Irish rockers before my feelings are lost. I will listen to this album a few more time and write a complete review, but I just have to let this one air a bit. I know you are really interested in hearing what I have to say.

The first song, Demon Eyes, comes on as I would expect it to… A pure rock n’ roll express like we heard on Rise. I can say without question that the sophomore jinx has skipped Everyday Demons. I think that has something to do with the length of time they took preparing this album and playing live. I can hear some maturity in the vocals of Cormac Neeson. There may be a bit more Thin Lizzy peaking through some of the songs, especially Tonight. I’m hearing a little more southern rock or country too.

On first listen these are the tracks that stand out for me: Demon Eyes, On and On, Tonight, and Evil Man. My mind may change as I listen to this, but I think the first listen has some merit when it comes to rock music. I’m looking forward to discovering more thing in these songs. I’ll write more in a few days. The release of the CD isn’t too far away!

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  1. Blackdog your not wrong…this is one hell of a second album….rock n roll continues!!!

  2. I got turned on to these guys when I saw them open for AC/DC and damn they are just amazing. Great, great band. Just pure and hard. And your right when you say Thin Lizzy is in “Tonight” it was the first thing I thought of when I heard it.

  3. The answer are just perfect..

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