Drunken Bastard’s Top 10 Hard Rock/Heavy Metal/Irish Punk Bands of All Time

Everybody got a top 10 list of heavy metal/hard rock/Irish bands/artists of all time and the Bastard is no exception. Keep in mind that this is my top 10 and no one else’s, and your 10 is vastly different from mine. So, well… enjoy.

10: Eagles

This band was number one for a long time because I grew up listening to them.

What happened? They got back together that’s what happened. With expensive ticket prices, pompous attitudes, and the firing of Don Felder this band dropped quite a few notches. It’s only because of their past laurels and the pure joy of former presidential candidate Joe Walsh’s performance keeps this band on the list. Just barely though.

5 of 10 referrals in no particular order

5: Outlaw Man

4: Good Day in Hell

3: King of Hollywood

2: Pretty Maids All In a Row

1: The Last Resort

9: Foo Fighters

Let me start off by saying I fucking hate Nirvana. I thought they were the one of the most overrated groups and when Kurt Cobain opened his mouth I just wanted to superglue it shut. But out of the ashes of second most overblown band in the world (Guns n’ Roses being the first) came Mr. Grohl’s Foo Fighters. I’ve enjoyed every album they came out with, and I have a lot of fun driving down the road singing along with their songs because there catchy as hell.

5 of 10 referrals in no particular order

5: Born on a Bayou (CCR cover)

4: Learn to Fly

3: Low

2: Monkey wrench

1: Stacked Actors

8: U2

It’s become the hip thing, nowadays, to rip on Bono for his charitable work and coming off with as holier than thou, but ask yourself this question; what have you done?

Any way let’s talk about music. What I love about this band is that in one song they can go from being very intimate and personal to a arena rocking song that is so rich and full of sound that you wonder how they can do that with only a four member band.

5 of 10 referrals in no particular order

5: Love Comes to Town

4: Sunday Bloody Sunday

3: Walk On

2: Still haven’t found what I’m looking for

1: One

7: Flogging Molly

I’m probably one of the few people left that remembers and liked Dave King’s previous band Fastway back in the 80’s , but as much as I liked them I love Molly more.

I saw these guys at the Tabernacle in Atlanta about a year ago and it was one of the most enjoyable shows I’ve seen. One thing I notice was that everybody was moshing with a big smile on their faces and a palatable feeling of well being thru out the whole evening…. Or maybe I was just drunk.

5 of 10 referrals in no particular order

5: Tobacco Island

4: Worst Day since Yesterday

3: Whistles the Wind

2: Devil’s Dance Floor

1: Seven Drunken Pirates

6: Black Sabbath

Back in the 70’s there was this show that came on channel 9 out of Chattanooga, Tn. on Saturday night at 11:30 pm called Shock Theatre. It was hosted by a gentleman called Dr. Shock and with his attractive assistant Nurse Goodbody and his puppet sidekick Dingbat, the good doctor and his foamed flying rodent would trade jokes during the commercial breaks of B movies.  As soon as the news went off you heard the thunder, and then the bell.  With Iommi’s guitar jumping out at you from the shadows followed closely by Geezer and Bill’s stumbling panicky interchanging heartbeat / footsteps. Then softly as if he’s hiding under the bed, Ozzy confirms our worst fear.

The music was always scarier than the movies; hell, that in itself is enough to scare the shit out of any six year old.

5 of 10 referrals in no particular order

5: The Wizard

4: NIB

3: Sweet Leaf

2: Sabbra Cadabra

1: Black Sabbath

5: The Pogues

Like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups these are the guys who decided to stick the chocolate of punk into the peanut butter of Irish Traditional and thus created a new genre of music. Shane Macgowan is defiantly the drunken poet laureate whose often slurred and mumbled lyrics might not be understandable, but it is always felt.

5 of 10 referrals in no particular order

5:  Streams of Whiskey

4: The Majestic Shannon

3: The Wildcats of Kilkenny

2: Fairy tale in New York

1: Rainy Night in Soho

4: Iron Maiden

While Queen was the first band that I loved, Maiden was the first I was obsessive about. Anything I could find that had their mascot, Eddie, on it I would spend my mom’s hard earned money on. T-shirts, posters, buttons, patches, videos, you name it. During school I would doodle Eddie’s rectus face on all my work and talk about Maiden for hours on end. I got to see Maiden on The Powerslave Tour back in ’85 and, hell yeah, they fucking rocked.

5 of 10 referrals in no particular order

5: Run to the Hills

4: Die with your Boots on

3: 2 minutes to midnight

2: Flight of the Icarus

1: Number of the Beast

3: Faith No More

September 14, 1990 the first song I heard after my son was born was “Epic” and from then on every time I hear that song I get transported back to the happiest day of my life. Thank God I didn’t hear “Ice Ice Baby” instead.

5 of 10 referrals in no particular order

5: King for a Day

4: I Started a Joke

3: Small Victories

2: We Care a lot

1: Epic

2: Queen

The first album I ever bought was Queen’s Greatest Hits because it had “Another One Bites the Dust” and “We Will Rock You”, but it didn’t take long for me to wear out the album after that and know every song by heart. To me Freddie is the yardstick all other male singers are measured by, and there’s not a day goes by that I don’t miss him.

 5 of 10 referrals in no particular order

5: Fat Bottom Girls

4: Who Wants to Live Forever

3: Spread Your Wings

2: The Show Must Go on

1: I Want it All

1: Blue Oyster Cult

B.O.C, B.O.C., B.O.C.  For me this is the greatest band of all time with over 19 albums and 42 years of making some of the smartest music in metal if not rock music altogether.

It’s a shame that these road warriors are not going to be remembered for “Don’t Fear the Reaper” or “Godzilla” but for a nonrelated reference to a gay bar in the “Police Academy” movies. To those people I say Fuck You. We’ll always have more cowbell. Even though I’m choosing only five I feel guilty because there are so many I’m leaving out.

5 of 10 referrals in no particular order

5: In Thee

4: The Red and The Black

3: Joan Crawford has Risen From the Grave

2: Dominance and Submission

1: E.T.I.

Damn this was harder than I thought. Whew…. Hope you got a little entertainment out of this and how about sending in your top ten and we just might use it.

Until the Next Round

D. Bastard


  1. Hey dude, i agree with that Black Sabbath is cool, but i think that War Pigs are the best. Also i don’t really like any other ones :S too soft 😛 but still. Nice song choices

  2. This is the dumbest list I’ve ever seen. No metallica, scorpions, crue???. the fact that you have U2 in here is hilarious. Faith No More? Good Try, but I saw them on the download festival and no one really cares about them cuz they’re faith no more and will be entitled to one song, just like sex and candy by marcy playground. blue oyster cult? that makes will farells cowbell even funnier. This list blows

  3. Some good bands in there, but have to agree U2 really dont cut the mustard. I have also never been a great fan of BOC. AC/DC have to be the top act for me, never thought Brian Johnson could ever live up to the great Bon Scott but he has proved us all wrong


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