Celtic Frost Music Video – Visions of Mortality (Live at Wachen)

Celtic Frost is the first and one of the most important bands in the Death/Black Metal movements. Forgotten and ignored by mainstream music, Celtic Frost continued to have a huge impact on the darker and heavier side of metal years after their demise. Fans were elated with their reformation in 2006 with the album Monotheist. A troubled and brilliant Tom (Warrior) Fischer led the band in one experiment after another with eletronica and strings. In the process making some of the most memorable heavy metal ever recorded. Critics have called Celtic Frost many things and said many detracting things about albums such as Cold Lake for being toocommercial. Celtic Frost, at their least creative is better than most bands could ever dream. Their discography is complex, deep, and very dark. Macabre poetry with Marshals is the best way to describe these European metal gods.

Important albums: Morbid Tales, Into the Pandemonium, Vanity Nemesis

Celtic Frost broke up again in 2008. I suspect that other members of the band did not agree with the vision of Tom (Warrior) Fischer. Fischer created another band called Triptykon to continue his vision of Celtic Frost. I have heard a single track that was made availabe on Myspace (link below), I loved it. I’m very anxious to hear the final product and hopefully see Triptykon live in the near future.

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Triptykon is Coming

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  1. I wish to headbang when i listen to these guys. These guys always ache my head due to headbang. :)

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