Kings of the Sun – Drop the Gun – Music Video (Superb Hard Rock)

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Kings of the Sun were destined to join AC/DC as Australian rock royalty, but band personality conflicts and strife forced them to being just a footnote in rock history. This video comes from the bands second release, Full Frontal Attack. Jeffery Hoad, the bands singer was hailed as the second coming of Jim Morrison in a contemporary hard rock band. He probably took too much of that to heart. Nevertheless, Kings of the Sun produced three suburb albums with excellent guitars and vocals helmed by the legendary producer Eddie Kramer (Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, et al.).

Kings of the Sun toured with such heavy weights as Guns n’ Roses, Kiss, Lita Ford, and Joe Satriani.

If you can find their albums, pick them up and give them a listen. Their three albums are:  Kings of the Sun, Full Frontal Attack, and Resurrection.


  1. ROCK AND ROLL, The best music that ever lived in human kinds history. I love it with all my soul and passion. This music makes me feel alive. Without RnR there would be no happiness for me. I life for music.
    Kings of the Sun are really kings. The rock the roll. they roll the rock , they are rock and roll!

  2. Rock&Roll is indeed the greatest kind of music! I live for it!

  3. Kings of the Sun Rocked like no others. Saw them live many a time and will never forget them, lead singer was rock personified….I really looked up to him.

    Jeff Hoad – the lead singer and song writer (great bloke spoke to him a few times after gigs), started a new band called The Rich and Famous – you should check them out – rocking tunes….he made three CD’s as the Rich & Famous I believe – you can buy them direct at a reasonable price from


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