Wicked Celtics – I Don’t Wanna Hear Your Band -HQ Music Video

“‘Ain’t no way to extinguish this buttrock blaze.”

The Drunken Bastard has a few things that he requires of a music video that is posted on Rock n Roll View. The first requirements is that they must have a MySpace page and they must be friends with Tom. The second requirement is that they must have hot chicks in their video. The third thing is that it must be kick ass rock n roll.

Wicked Celtic and their video for “I Don’t Wanna Hear Your Band” meet at least one of those requirements. Can you guess which one? What else has to be said? Nothing.

Befow you go head over to Wicked Celtics site.

“Wicked Celtics fights back against spamming on Myspace Music. When we first saw this video from Wicked Celtics, who happens to be a friend of Tom Anderson (creator of Myspace) we couldn’t help but understand, empathize, and laugh.”

“Wicked Celtics has a new hit. He has done it again with a manly man power rock ballad that lays it down as it should be laid down. I’m not sure if he’s over the top or has just lit the envelope on fire!”

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  1. Well, the last time I tried to post a note, I screwed up twice and gave up. So, here goes again, Nice Site. I wish you would do mine! :)


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