Best Stripper Songs (Top 10 Rockin Pole Grinders)

I am not the authority on stripping or strippers (I have never actually been to a strip club). However, if I were to ever strip or watch someone strip, I have some idea as to what would qualify as good music. First, you would have to have the right beat to grind your hips to. Secondly, the music would have to allude to sex. Lastly, the music would have to Rock! I had many candidates for Rockin Stripper Songs, but I narrowed it down to the following ten (in no particular order). So, sit back, relax, and get out your dolla bills… (If you are looking for dirty songs, go here.)

Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard: For a song that makes absolutely no sense, it sure is sexy.

Foxy Lady by Jimi Hendrix: I love the scene in Wayne’s World when Garth serenades his “Foxy Lady”.

Cherry Pie by Warrant: This should be called “The Blatant Sexual Innuendos Song”.

She Rides by Danzing: You know it is a good stripper song if the main focus of the music video is a girl’s tattooed ass moving back and forth.

Her Strut by Bob Seger: They do respect her butt…

You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC: There is nothing sexier than scantily clad women riding mechanical bulls and exercise bikes.

Closer by Nine Inch Nails: This is one of the more lighthearted stripper songs.

Paradise City by Guns n Roses: I agree with Slash. They should have kept his line “Where the girls are fat and they’ve got big titties.”

American Woman by Lenny Kravitz: Heather Graham not only makes a memorable entrance to this song in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, but she also does a super sexy dance to it in the music video (along with a bunch of other half naked girls).

Girls, Girls, Girls by Motley Crue: This is the ultimate stripper theme song. The music video is even devoted to strippers.

(Dis)Honorable Mention

A Lap Dance is Always Better When the Stripper is Crying by The Bloodhound Gang: I read in a blog about a stripper that would play this song when a coworker she didn’t like was working the VIP room. If you have never heard it, listen to it and you will understand why. The Bloodhound Gang is so poetic.

So, if you are ever in the situation where you need to choose some music to strip or lap dance to (as a dare, for extra money, or just for fun), I hope my list gives you some good ideas. This list is also a good companion to my Ten Super Sex Songs for Love Machines list if you and your significant other just want some music to fool around to. If you want to find your own stripper songs, just remember to search for music videos with half naked women dancing around. Those are always a good choice.
Stripper Pole Girl


  1. Great list! And great blog, I’m really enjoying it.
    Pretty much any song by Kid Rock would work great in a strip club, epecially “Cowboy”, “Feel Like Makin’ Love”, “Cadillac Pussy”, “So Hott” and “All Summer Long”.
    .-= Daniel´s last blog ..Lost in the Mud =-.

  2. The list is ok it has some great stripper songs but I realize the focus on rock and roll leaves a lot of great songs for women to take off their clothes is left off the list.

    such nearly in Luke or Ying Yang twin songs
    .-= Black Celebrities´s last blog ..Henry Gates Jr arrested =-.

  3. It’s true… you’ll have to go elsewhere for a list that is not rock n roll centric… No country, bluegrass, hip hop, or big band songs here. Keep on rockin.

  4. agree. Maybe you can make a list of different type rock eg trash metal, and roll top 10. I’ll enjoy it.

  5. great site…i love this blog, and rock and roll beybeh..

  6. Cool…I see that Motley Crue is in there. You can’t have a list like this without a Motley Crue song in there. Personally, I like to dance to Dr. Feelgood though…

    .-= Liggy B´s last blog ..My Top Five Gothic Bands With Female Lead Singers =-.

  7. DateDaily just released an article on the 8 Best Strip Songs for Women:

  8. never been to a strip club? you’re a fucking fag.

  9. GorillaBiscuits,

    You must be an idiot not to realize that this list of stripper songs was written by a girl. Didn’t the post article author’s name, megannibus, give you a clue?

  10. Great list!
    I’d switch out Bob Seger,(just cause I’m not a fan), w/R. Kelly–“Bump N’Grind”. That way if ya had to wiz…you could do it right there on stage…all “R Kelly” like!


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