Main Line Riders – Worldshaker Album/CD Review

main line riders - worldshaker album reviewHigh voltage! If I had to describe the latest album, Worldshaker, from the Delaware based Main Line Riders in two worlds, I would exclaim high voltage.

I took on the task of reviewing Worldshaker, because it’s a rock n’ roll infection. I’ve listened to this in my car, in my “listening room” on big speakers, at my computer, on a decent pair of headphones and yet I’m still hitting the play button on this every day when I’m ready to be rocked. It has quickly become one of my personal favorites of the last few years and it may ascend into my top albums of all time. Other albums on my all time list are David Bowie – The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust, Led Zeppelin – Physical Graffiti, Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon, Motley Crue – Shout at the Devil, and quite a few others. The point is that for an album to even be a candidate, it has to be cream and not just milk.

I will have to admit that I sat down to write this review many times with a few false starts. I was trying to sum up Worldshaker with some poetic, starry eyed prose that lent my feelings. I figured out that the crunch of the guitars, the pounding base line, and the fevered vocals don’t need no stinking poetry to reveal my feelings. This is rock n’ roll that comes from something animalistic and strikes you in the most primitive parts of you.

Main Line Riders intended to deliver an album that followed in the traditions of AC/DC, Rhino Bucket, and Circus of Power. They delivered. I could even say that they may have delivered on this tradition better than AC/DC themselves have in the past 15 years.  Few bands can deliver the goods with such a high watermark. Go ahead and skip Ballbreaker and Stiff Upper Lip and cue up Worldshaker.

From the lead off track, “It All Ends Tonight”, you know what you are in for and you kick the volume up a few notches. As each song progresses and you keep kicking up the volume, you get to “Through with You” with no more trepidation. Now you are grooving and singing along before you’ve even listened to the whole album. About the middle of the album you are sweating and banging to “Broken Hearted” and the title track with no indication that this in going to let up.  By the time you get to the end of the album with “We Are the Ready Ones” and “It’s a Revolution”, the volume is setting on 11 and you are praying for more.

Main Line Riders’ Worldshaker is a high voltage album for rock n’ rollers who want to bypass all the gimmicks of most modern heavy metal and get right to what really matters – rock n’ roll. Listen to a few sample tracks and get your own infection at the Main Line Riders’ MySpace Music page and learn where you can buy the album.

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  1. Kind…you are too kind. Thank you so very much for this review.

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