Cartoon: Keith Richards in Night of the Living Dead

Keith Richards in Night of the Living Dead

It is well known that Keith Richards is a member of the Undead and thusly immortal. He has been called a vampire and a zombie, and other foreign language words that have something to do with the undead. On his way to Clarksville he didn’t trade his soul for the ability to play guitar, but for the gift of undeath. That’s the way to go against the grain, Keith.

Keith has signed a contract with George Romero to be the lead zombie in next 10 squeals of “Night of the Living Dead” beginning in 2050.


  1. Richards has been “dead” for the past 20 years or so. But really, funny article!

  2. LOL..I really enjoyed this article
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  3. Love the Stones, love the cartoon :)

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