Super Geek League – A Magic Castle Land – Album Review

Sinful Ziggy returns with another review for the Rock n Roll View. The band this time around, ladies and gentlemen, is the fabulous Super Geek League from Seattle, Washington with their latest album A Magic Castle Land.

Super Geek League is, by my estimation, a revolutionary band. In their performances they use props and shock rock techniques with a goofy style that pushes the comfort level of what one would typically see on stage. Their onstage persona reminds me of a mixture of early David Bowie, Slipknot, Mudvayne and Insane Clown Posse. The sound is an amazing mixture of coinciding influences which seems to be a love child of  black metal and Mr. Bungle with Ska somehow injecting some DNA and raised by a family of Latinos on a Caribbean island.

I am completely amazed at how much this band has going on. Their change ups in rhythm are so abrupt,  interesting and compelling. I’m in sheer awe that each track has its own diversity. That’s uncommon for the fact that most bands just stick to similar melodies and rhythms on an album. Each member of the Super Geek League has amazing abilities. I’ll humor you and list just a few: The guitarist works magic with his effects, the bassist has a great funk metal style, the screams are clean and properly placed, not to mention every fill the drummer places is actual needed and adds depth to the overall compisition.

Their cover of T.I.’s “What You Know About That” is phenomenal, it keeps true and brings new. I wouldn’t be surprised if this band toured with Bloodhound Gang or Rage Against the Machine. I hear that Faith No More is touring. Imagine Super Geek League and Faith No More. That would be awesome. They bring something very unique to music. The famed producer, Rick Ruben would have a field day with a band like this.

I appreciate them and their album A Magic Castle Land.  If you are looking for something heavy, funky and unique, Super Geek League and their new album A Magic Castle Land should be added to your play list. Check them out at their Web site ( or at their MySpace page (


  1. Awesome cover..

  2. This is the weirdest band I’ve ever seen! But what is so exceptional about them is that the music is actually SO enjoyable! I’ve seen bands with a stage gimmick and bands that make good music. But what’s so amazing about SGL is that I would see this band live just for the music OR just for the show! Anyway, thanks for the great write-up! I can’t wait til they come to the Showbox again!


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