Voodoo Vegas – Live – Review

Voodoo Vegas Live ReviewI’ve always considered myself a guy who could pick out rock bands that were going places. Let me give you some historical examples: I thought Metallica would sell a couple of records on hearing Ride the Lightning. The first time I heard the intro scream of “Welcome to the Jungle”, I thought the new Led Zeppelin had arrived. I picked Sound Garden and Jane’s Addiction. More recently I picked Buck Cherry, The Darkness, and the Answer. I’m not saying that I’m Rick Rubin or anything, but bands that will make it have a certain quality about them. It’s tough to define what that quality is (if I could do it completely, I would be Rick Rubin), but I think it has something to do with the quality of songs, a nod to the past with a push to the future, with a bit of magic mixed in. It’s that magic part that’s hard to get, capture, define, etc. We all know a few bands with this magic, to name just a few, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Motley Crue.

Rock n Roll View receives many requests for reviews, as you could imagine. We try to accommodate everyone. Some really good albums come across my desk. (The readers of Rock n Roll View see the best selection of those review requests.) Occasionally, we see those bands that really are something special. Voodoo Vegas is one of those bands

Voodoo Vegas hails from Bournemouth in southern England – the happiest place in the UK and a resort town. Bournemouth is probably the happiest place in the UK because they have such bands as Voodoo Vegas to sport in their clubs. Fronted by Lawrence Case, they have been called “The best band on the south coast of England today…” by Alan Burridge. This band hasn’t been around very long and is already supporting the Quireboys on tour and accumulating many accolades. If I may say, they have opened for Blue Oyster Cult, a seminal American hard rock band that did their part to invent heavy metal.

I’m not sure what Voodoo Vegas means, but I know what it sounds like. Listening to their Live CD, recorded at Mr. Kyps in Poole, many times, I’ve concluded that Voodoo Vegas is fueled by whiskey, fire, and your sister’s fanny. They pulled themselves out of the swaps of Louisiana, strutted on the Sunset Strip, pounded steel under English smokestacks and kept a wicked sense of humor in the process.

Sliding the Live CD in your CD player you’ll be greeted with some guitar feedback then the pounding drum of “Mary Jane”…this is rock n roll baby. “Out There” has got some killer riffage happening that’ll get your ass shaking and your head bobbing. “Perfect Girl” starts out like a sweet ballad, unless you are listening to the lyrics, with some detailed guitar work and desperate moans until it kicks you in the teeth. I personally bow down for this track, a well crafted song musically, written with tongue well planted in cheek. After nodding your head in agreement you’ll find “The Ferry Song” that starts out with a nice harmonica intro that rolls into a blues stampede. Before you pass out in an alligator deathroll, Voodoo Vegas let’s you get some oxygen with “The Ballad”. Lawrence’s voice really soars here. He’s got the voice you would expect him to have in a heavy metal band. Powerful with the ability to yank those emotions out of you and you’ll be happy for it. Now, we get to some serous boogie woogie and slide guitar with “So Unkind.” This is a song about a girlfriend that should have been punched and dumped. You can relate. Closing out the live set with the likes of “Jimmy Silver,” a little punk bombast, could have been born in a gutter in L.A. or in the back streets of London.

As a bonus track, Voodoo Vegas gives us an acoustic version of “The Ballad” recorded in the studio. This version of the song gives us some true insight to the abilities of the band. A good song and a good band will stand up on stage, in the studio, and acoustically. I’ll have to say, I’m impressed and you’ll be impressed.  We are left with the feeling of rock n roll satisfaction and the sense that this band has more to say to us. Voodoo Vegas Live is raw and explosive giving us a snapshot of what, I hope, will soon be a powerful force in rock music. They have the sound, the songs, the band, and the front man, after all.

Voodoo Vegas is:
Lawrence Case: Vocals and Harmonica
Nick Brown – Guitar
Ash Moulton – Bass
Chris Mackonochie – Drums
Merylina Hamilton – Guitar

Web site: http://www.voodoovegas.com
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/voodoovegas

Check out the new music video for “So Unkind” over at HD Music Videos Online.


  1. I remember Back the early 80s welcome to the jungle and me hunting around the rock clubs in jersey, usually without any luck. Eric

  2. Excellent..
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  3. After reading this blog I listened to Voodoo Vegas and I thought there music was pretty good. Just not my type of rock. But I think you are right that they probably can be going somewhere. The last thing that I will say is Rick Rubin is a genius.

  4. I had a listen to Voodoo Vegas after reading your column. I’m down with the guitar licks and overall I give them a 7 out of 10. I’ll stay tuned for the next offering!
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  5. Not my style so i wasn’t sure what to expect going in but surprisingly i actually really enjoyed it
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  6. “a nod to the past with a push to the future, with a bit of magic mixed in” I like that.Great blog, i’m a fan of all musice styles. I’ll keep coming.

  7. Voodoo Vegas is a talented group.

    There is a certain spiritual emptiness to the video though. A bit more color and perhaps a little more in the way of clean shaving for the attractive males (the girls don’t have to do any more shaving than they already do) and some of the “kick” of the Allman Brothers might be visually forthcoming.

    I can’t tell from the video whether there is sufficient “technique” excellence in the group as yet to rise to the Allman Brothers standard.

    In other words, what Voodoo Vegas has is potential. With work, they could be around for a very long time.


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  8. On your advice I went and check out Voodoo Vegas on their myspace and was able to listen to one of their songs and believe they do have what it takes to make it big.
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  9. Totally Awesome – checked them out through this post and have bookmarked them. Will look out for their names in big lights and listen to them regularly 😀 Nice find.

  10. Voodoo Vegas is very experienced and talented group, i enjoy the album review. thanks
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  11. Vodoo Vegas definitely knows how to define heavy metal through their songs…You absolutely rock!!!!

  12. Oh man, you weren’t kidding. Awesome sound.

  13. I love the sound the British metal bands have, a bit more of an edge to them!


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