Freddie Mercury Biography in Digital Comic Book

Freddie Mercury Biography in Digital ComicThere has been a lot of talk amongst Queen fans about the upcoming biopic of the famous rock band which will feature Sacha Baron Cohen playing the role of the iconic Freddie Mercury. There’s something else for the fans of Freddie Mercury and Queen to talk about: The digital comic publisher Dog Star Comics has released Black Opus Vol. 1 by Donnie Lee, R. E. Brown and Howard Daniels which features a story inspired by the Freddie Mercury biography.

The digital comic book (available free online as a PageFlip and a CBR archive) is described as “Soul gathering with a little rock n’ roll“.  Essentially, the comic book is an anthology of four dark stories that consider the moments before death. The story of Freddie Mercury titled “Prince of the Universe (A Requiem)” reflects on his life as a pop star and his miss-steps that ultimately lead to his death. The comic story like Freddie Mercury is complex and multi-layered. We think that you will gain a different perspective on the rock god and you will once again mourn the loss of this immense talent.

Black Opus Vol. 1 is available from Dog Star Comics as a free digital comic book. While Dog Star Comics isn’t charging any money for this exceptional comic book, we recommend that you support Dog Star Comics by making a small donation to encourage their continued work of producing excellent comics.

Important Links:

Dog Star Comics Home Page
Black Opus Vol. 1 Information
Interview with the writer Donnie Lee

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  1. Cohen could look the part, but is he the right man for the job with his past movie ventures, I suppose only time will tell.
    Karen´s last blog post ..Sakis Gouzonis- New Earth Music Review

  2. The question is, can Cohen sing like Mercury?

  3. Can Cohen play a serious role ?

    Can Cohen Sing ?

    I have grown up with Queen as a musical influence and would hate to see the image destroyed by Cohen being Cohen, he certainly has a hard task to live up to.

    fingers crossed


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  4. Read the comic and can’t wiat for the movie.
    Rock n Roll View´s last blog post ..Freddie Mercury Biography in Digital Comic Book

  5. It is true that I am not a big fan of rock band, but one thing I know very well that Freddie Mercury is one of the best rock stars of all time and has become a cult hero because of his contribution to the music world. I like his ‘Killer Queen’ and ‘I Was Born to Love You’ tracks.
    Biplob Kishore Deb´s last blog post ..New MacBook Air- Slimmer- lighter and reasonably priced

  6. Well, I have grown up with Queen as a musical influence and would hate to see the image destroyed by Cohen being Cohen, he certainly has a hard task to live up to.

  7. I think that Cohen is match up to the job of playing Freddy. Of course there is no actor that can sing like Freddy but this one at least look a little bit like him.
    Antun Tun @ Pula Croatia´s last blog post ..Croatia 2011

  8. Freddy was an icon for last century’s rock music. It’s shame his life was too short…

  9. So we have some good things to wait for regarding Freddy: A movie inspired by Queen and also a comic book. This is good news for Freddy’s fans..
    Stephan´s last blog post ..Sony breaks the silence and confirms the existence of the PlayStation Phone!

  10. I am looking forward to the movie.

  11. Damn. This looks a-mazing. Dog Star does such a great job — I wonder what kind of format they’ll use. Not all of us have those fancy comic-readers — hopefully it’ll be something all Freddy Mercury fans can enjoy!

  12. Digital Comic Books? Sounds interesting.

  13. Really? If you had clicked the link you would have found your answer. No fancy reader required.

  14. And yeah, blackdog, you’re right. At most you’ll need a CBR reader, which is free.

  15. “there is no actor that sing like freddie” he was a shining star. Cohan is a good choice and free comic book from a dog star…………awesome
    Alvin´s last blog post ..3 fast-food fatloss-tips

  16. Freddie was one of the best ever. He was so talented.

  17. Lol, how much further are they going to profit from their legacy.. a comic book as biography..?? I mean come’on!

  18. @Tenerife Do you not think a comic book is a legitimate media form. I don’t think the comic was done to make any sort of profit on a legacy. I believe that the story in the comic is totally unauthorized and comes from a place of respect. Maybe you should actually check out the comic.

  19. Freddie Mercury is the best vocalist who ever lived. And that Filipino crapper who tried to copy him is nothing compared to sir Freddie.
    Los Van Van´s last blog post ..Interview with Alexander Abreu

  20. Freddie Mercury is the king!!

  21. I think this will be a break-out performance for Cohen, as long as the rest of the production team for the movie works out. In other words, hopefully the Director and/or Producer won’t f*** it up.

    A lot of comedian actors have ended up being really good in other types of roles. I think (hope?) Cohen can pull it off.
    Bill@Bloomington IL DJs´s last blog post ..Best Bloomington DJs

  22. I must agree… Freddie is the king!!!

  23. Sacha Baron Cohen as Freddie Mercury??? surely not. is this just because he had a moustache in one of his films? Won’t he just be trying form laughs in all of the scenes.
    Polly@Dancing Poles´s last blog post ..X Pole

  24. Freddie Mercury had many sides to his personality, and the relationships among Queen members was complex and unusual teamwork to say the least.

    Cohen is smart if he doesn’t focus on only the showy without the magic or contradictions.

    The world’s already overrun with Mercury impersonators who caricature.

  25. Borat playing Freddie Mercury? You have got to be kidding me! Who’s playing Brian May, Will Ferrel?
    CK´s last blog post ..“Come on Louie- I’m bustin’ you out!”

  26. No one had a voice like Freddie Mercury. I truly respect comic book artists paying homage to the Queen frontman in comic book form. Also, I think it’s brilliant that Sacha Baron Cohen is going to play him. Baron Cohen is a brilliant actor who doesn’t seem to get enough respect.

  27. I would like to know more about this book as something we could report in our news section.

    vince brusio

  28. I love Queen and Freddie…Queen was one of the first 8 tracks I had as a kid…yes I am that old…can’t wait for the movie.

  29. I am a huge Queen Fan. Freddy is one of my favorite singers. Do you know when the movie will come out ?

    Fred´s last blog post ..Actor George Clooney Raised 15 Million Dollars For Barack Obama


  1. DO FOLLOW LUV - Freddie Mercury Biography in Digital Comic Book... Other than the new movie going into production about Queen and their legendary front …

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