Steve Warner & The Rolling Coyotes – Train of Life – Album Review

Steve Warner - Train of LifeWest Virginia is well known for musicians that paint with the pallet of earth and mountains. Steve Warner is an archetype example of this “salt of the earth” approach to songs. While we normally focus on rock music here at Rock n Roll View, it’s hard to turn away from Americana such as Steve Warner & The Rolling Coyotes when it is delivered with such fine craftsmanship.

I’ve listed to hundreds upon hundreds of R&B, Americana, Country-type production only to bare witness to homogenization of the songwriting. Though, some of the musicianship and production are clearly industry standard – despite this I’ve discovered that many of the actual songs are void of any genuine substance, wisdom, or satirical humor. To me, this is like comparing Tiger Woods to Babe Ruth or Kenny Chesney to Hank Williams. At the end of the day the charm, the personality, the charisma of the artists can’t help but transcend itself into the actual song. The sweeter the artist, the sweeter the song I always say.

Upon listening to Train of Life, I discovered this album delivered rich musical variety via some truly amazing writing and solid playing. Many of the songs will remind you of Jimmy Buffet, Dr. John and perhaps a dash of John Prine. Warner’s presence just makes the whole thing work with an infectious vocal swagger, and appealing musical charm that not only gravitates but captivates the listener. Warner is clearly the premier talent within this band. What’s even more impressive is the wide range of musicianship offered – percussion, string accents, piano, accordion, piano, harmonica, mandolin, and stand-up bass. Besides the classy Americana feel you will also notice flavors of R&B, vocal jazz, and even rock and roll – all tunes you can swing to. All in all Steven Warner & The Rolling Coyotes will brighten your day and will take you back to a time when the only thing that counted was the song and the artist. Train of Life is a strong release from start to finish and has more than 1 hour of music to digest. The music is clever, original, catchy, packed with clever humor and insightful wisdom. It will not only lift your spirits and get your foot tapping all at the same time.

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  1. Finally a great CD with good writing and a solid performance!

  2. I got this CD and thought it was better than I had expected. I had heard a track or two before getting it and the songs were good but what I was able to get this in the car and listen to it with the bose and not distracted, well other than traffic but not kids it really hit me.

    This gets a rating of 9.5 out of 10.


  3. I like this alot, will buy it today!! Lots to listen to and ,take in the thoughts behind the lyrics.

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