Seven Against Thebes – Equilibrium EP – CD Review

Seven Against Thebes - Equilibrium - CD Review Feed the Furnace from Equilibrium

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There was a time when bands under the gray skies of Seattle raised the bar on other bands in their respective genre. Alice in Chains brought the doom to a whole new generation of gloomers. Nirvana raised a whole generation of alt rockers out of Seattle fog. Heart proved that chicks could rock as hard as the dudes – and mean it.

That brings us to a new band and a new perspective that ups the ante again for Seattle bands, the four piece alternative metal band Seven Against Thebes (aka 7AT). 7AT is clearly a force to be reckoned with on the scene in 2011. I expected the typical Seattle post grunge spin off presentation to make my ears bleed… Okay, I’ll be honest with you – I WANTED to HATE 7AT and their little EP, Equilibrium. My thought before spinning the disc, “I’ve heard it all before and you ain’t got nothing for me, boys.” Reluctantly hitting the play button, my snarl begins to turn to smile not even a minute in on the first track. I know the words “chosen one” sounds so cliché, but the more I listened to 7AT the more I realized these guys personify all that is missing from modern rock music. 7AT is a resurgence, if you will, of mid-90’s rock when the bands from Seattle had good chops and delivered some amazing songs. There’s no power pop force here like Nickelback, Daughtry or Lifehouse.  Seven Against Thebes give up an EP that is hard, heavy, engaging and not to over the top dark or morbid.

The EP kicks off with the title track. Indeed there is a method to their madness.  After the title track runs its course, 7AT takes you even deeper with tack 2 “Mask”– an amazingly intricate and dark piece that will remind you of classic Tool before Maynard bought his winery. Track 3, “Swandiver” is even more amazing as singer Rusty Hoyle showcases his amazing baritone reminiscent of classic Scott Weiland and Chris Cornell. The song “Feed the Furnace” burns with a nice groove and a killer guitar solo that will surely be a crowd favorite at live shows. The last track, “Nemesis” is one song that has a truly dark meaning – check out the lyrics and decide for yourself. I get the impression guitarist Cyrus Rhodes is the creative force propped up by a band that can deliver the goods, as he wrote most of the songs, plays guitar and produces the EP.

I love everything about 7AT. A full-length album is definitely in order. Never once did 7AT go over the top to make their point – a rarity these days. 7AT is something special and I hope this EP is a snapshot of sorts revealing alot about the rock and roll integrity of this band. 7AT is one of those bands not to be underestimated or pre-judged. If you do this you run the risk of getting exactly what you deserve – your ass kicked.

Check out Seven Against Thebes and listen to the entire Equilibrium EP at their site, Check out more reviews of independent bands at  Indie Music Digest.


  1. Im not a big rock fan but this sounded pretty good. I’m use to more main stream acts but i would book these guys for a show.
    Dirty Plex´s last blog post ..How to Love by Lil Wayne

  2. This is great, Nice to hear something fresh. I agree a full LP is in order here.

  3. Abolutely brilliant. I would like to have more ears for getting all the details of that guitar sound

  4. Really nice sound!! We need more bands like that! :)

  5. Cool band!

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