Against All Will – Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll (Photo Gallery)

Against All WIllSex, drugs & Rock n’ Roll…

Super groups aren’t a new phenomenon. Recently, I can think of a couple, Chickenfoot and Them Crooked Vultures. In the past, I can think of The Firm, Phenomenon, Power Station, just to name a few. A muscular Against All Will gives us their version of a super group with the release of  A Rhyme & Reason on the Subsonic Industries label.

Against All Will is powered by Jimmy Allen on guitars (Puddle of Mudd), Jeff Current on vocals (7 Story Drop), Steve Wilson on drums (Dead Kennedys), and Cello Dias on bass (Soulfly). I’m a strong proponent of super groups, especially when the chemistry comes together like it has for Against All Will. The sum of their parts is greater than the individual player.

These four rock and rollers deliver on the promise of rock and roll with A Rhyme & Reason.  Sex, drugs and rock n’ roll tied up in seemingly simple songs and classic hooks delivering a philosophical exposition for those interested. Rock music should be honest (we don’t see much of that these days), powerful, empathetic, with a little poetry thrown in for good measure. Against All Will give us that with plenty more to boot.

Check out Against All Will at You can see the HD music video for “All About You” here. You can pick up the album at all the usually places (iTunes, Amazon, etc.)


  1. Great review!! I saw Against All Will Live when I went to California, they are absolutely amazing! As a promoter, I have come across many bands, and I can honestly say there are only two that stole my heart. Against All Will is one of them. You just can’t go wrong with them! THUMBS UP!!

  2. AAW is definately a supergroup! it`s impossible not to love Jimmy Allen & Jeff Current in one band! :)
    mike@PlaydoughRecipe´s last blog post ..Playdough Recipe

  3. Supergroups are a tricky thing – sometimes they implode in a “super way”

    That said, I actually am I huge fan of Against All Will and saw them not too long ago. Seriously worth it if you can get out and catch em.

  4. Thanks for the great tip! As an old-school 70’s rocker, I had never even heard of Against All Will. But when I saw your Against All Will Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll Photo Gallery, I had to check out AAW. And behold, Mike from PlaydoughRecipe got it right with his above comment; AAW is definately a supergroup!
    Thomas Retterbush´s last blog post ..Why do Women fall for Bad Boys- Losers and Lost Causes

  5. Cool review! Yea, the super groups can work well with chemistry. Though they don’t seem to last that long. Its more an all stars game that’s cool to watch once.

  6. Supergroups are a tricky thing – sometimes they implode in a “super way”

  7. Yeah never heard of them before as well. Found some good stuff of them iTunes (as you recommended). They are a quite decent band after all.


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