A Review of Sir Ivan and His Debut, I Am Peaceman

Sir Ivan - I Am Peaceman

Sir Ivan - I Am Peaceman

This article was written by J.D Stefan, an independent music critic, for Rock n Roll View.

Artist Sir Ivan. The full length CD, I am Peaceman, is just over 53 minutes long. It appears to be his debut release with the help of studio musicians and some fantastic classic pop rock songs from the 60’s and 70’s. Internet presence for Sir Ivan offers links to videos, mp3’s, purchasing of the CD. He has a mission and the mission is good!

Sir Ivan’s cause is supreme! Most red-blooded American’s have to love the concept and overall idea of peace and passing the torch of the music he has revised supporting basic civil human rights. Everything is in place from cover art to bar code to liner information and song lyrics, he has covered all the bases. The recording and production are good by today’s standards and are open enough to be remixed for the dance clubs. This could blow up with the right DJ getting behind a few songs including his originals. Hara Krishna, Imagine and Live For Today fit in on the local dance station during the day with weekend airplay requiring a heavier remix job. Sir Ivan definitely has enough raw material, business sense and conviction to reach the younger generation and wave the “Peace Flag” with fervor. This CD reminds me a bit of a Hippy Daft Punk.

Think “Glee” and a drum machine with a guy wearing a cape covering classics pop rock songs from the peace movement and you have Sir Ivan, need I say more? The CD really requires reading the liner notes before popping it into the player to get a sense of the cause he is promoting just to get past the name “Sir Ivan” and the yellow cape. If you don’t appreciate generic dance pop with a “squeeze” of Muzak one would probably “round-file” this one right away or give it to a friend as a gag gift. Those born in the 60’s and raised on the old classics will likely sharpen their plow shears with a loud battle cry of, “How dare you tread on sacred Ground of Classic Rock Sir Ivan!!!!” Overall the songs are done a little generic, flat and almost “Campy” lacking the needed punch heard in today’s dance music, a very “safe” production. When viewing Sir Ivan’s cover art the book “Color me Beautiful” comes to mind where yellow represents summer, love and tender tree hugging that might go along with the “Peace Mojo” but come on… a yellow CAPE? (Sorry for mentioning this repeatedly but as you can see I am having fun with it.) How about a tie dyed cape? For the love of God Ivan, you might do better hiring the guys from “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” to mediate. Stick with purple for that hint of royalty if you will “Sir” so the scrutinizing can get past the wardrobe and actually give your music a chance.

All in all this CD is it is a clean safe production and fun to listen to. I watched some videos of DJ’s remixing his music and can see this as gaining popularity by joining forces with a well know DJ who could breathe a little life and “Edge” to these classics. Sir Ivan might benefit the cause by promoting a remix contest encouraging producers to remix his message of peace. When it’s all said and done I am behind Sir Ivan and give him props for what he is all about and would love to see what he does in the future during a live show. The songs are all in line with his cause and having a worthwhile cause breads longevity. My rating is based more on his ideals and potential than actual creatively sonic originality but there is definitely much more “good” happening with Sir Ivan and that can’t be bad, right. Rock on Sir Ivan!

Peace out with Sir Ivan at www.sirivanmusic.com. Indie Music Digest features other reviews by up and coming artists you should know about.

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