Red Weather – Every Alley Wall – Review

This review of Red Weather – Every Alley Wall, was written by J.D Stefan for Rock n Roll View.

Red Weather Every Alley Wall Review

Red Weather Every Alley Wall

Red Weather is a trio from Detroit comprised of Brent Marvin (bass and vocals), Gordy Hunt (guitar, keys, vocals) and Mark Kaiser (drums). Every Alley Wall is a collection of 5 songs which essentially constitutes an EP. Red Weather’s music is based around Hunt’s guitar, songwriting and distinct vocal style. Most of the info about the band can be found on their ReverbNation page which includes upcoming gig information, mailing list and all the fixings you’d expect. The CD itself stands out from a visual point of view due to its homemade appearance and simple colors. As it turns out, it’s an accurate representation of the music within – it gets to the point without a lot of gloss or unnecessary distractions.

The first track is called “Life of Crime” and it’s a catchy, upbeat, guitar-driven starter that tells the listener a lot about Red Weather right off the bat. The production is good and there’s a very raw quality to the sound and the playing – it’s tight without being overly produced. Hunt’s voice varies quite a bit in his delivery and there are some bits that remind me of a young Roger Daltrey at times. “Rear Apt. Blues” is another fun, upbeat track with a solid dose of blues sensibility. The standout track for me is “I Wasn’t There” that follows. It’s a slower track with some great chord changes that are reminiscent of 70s rock/pop. The CD concludes with “In The Key of Rock and Roll”, another upbeat and tune with another round of clever chord changes that take it in and out of a straight rock song and add just enough flavor to keep things interesting. The middle of the song goes into a 70s-ish jam type of thing that you really don’t hear in current music anymore. It’s a change like that which illustrates the best thing about Red Weather. They don’t take themselves too seriously and they focus simply on playing their songs and it sounds like they really enjoy playing them too. Yes, there is quite a bit of extra guitar on the CD to fill things out but Hunt has some great chops. He is well supported by Marvin and Kaiser’s rhythm section and ultimately, even with the extra guitar overdubs, the whole thing sounds like a band playing live together in the studio – almost unheard of in these days of micro-managed production.

If you’re looking for polished, commercial rock here keep looking. The great thing about this CD is that the production stays out of the way of the creativity and the music. The result is an upbeat and genuine recording that probably isn’t very far off of what these guys sound like playing live in a club. What you see is what you get. Hunt’s voice is distinct with no frills but he shows some versatility too. The backing harmonies sound great and aren’t Auto-Tuned to death. The recording is clear and sufficient – Michael Lutz’s production is a great match for Red Weather. In fact, if I had to pick something to gripe about it would be some of the guitar tones – I’d have loved to hear a bit more variety but even so, the sound is Hunt’s and part of what defines Red Weather and it works. After all, part of what makes the whole thing work is to keep the sound based around the songs and the 3 instruments without adding a bunch of “ear candy”. Red Weather makes a strong case for saying that you can still do things quite well without flashy graphics and slick production. Be yourself and just play. I like that.

Every Alley Wall is a great start for Red Weather and though it may have a tough time clawing through the glut of overdone commercial rock, it’s worth the effort to find it. Nice job guys, stay focused on the music and keep having fun, it works. Check out the music over at




  1. Credit to the artist for the cover, Doug Bowen. He did he annimation for the Tim Allen Home Improvement show. We challenged him to tag a alley wall. A lyric in a song not yet released provided the name of this album. “Writing on every alley wall long live Rock and Roll”
    Credit to Dick Wagner ala Frost, Alice Cooper, Lou Reed. and many more for the guitar solo on I wasn’t there.
    In negotiations now with Michael Lutz to record a full CD at Tazmania Studios in Ann Arbor, MI

  2. Do you guys know if Red Weather are planning on coming to Sweden anytime soon?

    If so, what’s the date?

    You’ve got my e-mail address.

    /Nabil, from Stockholm :)
    Nabil@hjärntumör´s last blog post ..Hjärntumör- symptom

  3. Do you guys know if Red Weather are planning on coming to Sweden anytime soon?

    If so, what’s the date?

    You’ve got my e-mail address.

    /Nabil, from Stockholm :)
    Nabil@hjärntumör´s last blog ..Hjärntumör- symptom

  4. Great group and great review. Thanks!

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