Van Halen is Back in Classic Form

It’s been no secret that Van Halen has been in the studio recording a new album with David Lee Roth, formerly Diamond Dave. The first video has been released, as you can see above.

Is Van Halen in top form? Do you think this song is worthy of Eddie Van Halen?


  1. Black and white is an interesting choice for video format. “Tattoo” has good choreography.

  2. Its pretty good! Van halen is back!

  3. Tattoo was unfortunately the best song on the album. Overall it was disappointing, but the DVD was okay.

  4. The entire album is grade A stuff from start to finish. However, Tattoo IS the weakest song on it…I’m surprised they released it first. It made me a bit nervous about what the rest of the album might sound like. Luckily, the album is a stellar production, as DLR might say :)

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