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Remergence - ElectronicaOne of our favorite electronic music entities, Remergence (think Orb, Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd) is working on a new album for release. Remergence, featuring Karen Woodham and Jake Jones, has been recording since 1997 and has delivered an impressive output of mind altering sound scapes.

These Welsh prodigies have conducted an interview as they prepare to release their latest album. An excerpt from “Exclusive interview with trance ambient masters Remergence” by Independent Music Promotions follows

How do you feel about the current trance/ambient/electronic music scene?

There are some brilliant talented artists coming along these days, though I would personally like to see more ambient electronica coming along from the thumpy stuff that usually dominates the music scene, but saying that, it does get the heart pumping and the mind racing lol

Tell us about the biggest influences and inspirations that inspired you to play music.

For me, growing up with the sounds of Pink Floyd and Yes, my inspiration was always to create sounds that were different from the rest, the thoughts of creating a tracks that was built in stages with sections building a landscape of sounds to take the listener on a journey and hopefully this is something that Remergence are doing today and for Pink Floyd fans you will know where we got the name of our duo from.

Who in the current music scene do you most admire most and why?

That’s a bit of a tough one, as admiration is a strange beast that can sometimes mix in to obsession, but Orbital have always held a soft spot for both of us and they are sadly missed. Their music was always and still is something that has always given us the incentive to keep going.

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  1. Interviewing Remergence would be so damn awesome. Lux Lucis Quod Vis Somnium is such a sick album. Will their new album be reviewed here on rocknrollview?

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