Irena Hart – Heart Strings – CD Review

Irena HartThis is Irena Hart’s debut release entitled Heart Strings (2011) (Popcore Entertainment). She brings to the table a plethora of musical talent that can’t be called into questioned. Reading from her bio: Combine pop, dance, a message with spiritual compassion and love and you get Irena Hart. Born in the Ukraine, Irena moved to the United States when she was 12 and brought with her a European perspective that brings freshness to her music. Irena Hart is a prolific composer with over 100 songs written, and she is also an entertainer. Having developed a fan base in the New York area, Irena is now ready to explode on to the world stage.

I always listen to the first song very, very carefully. It’s what the artist has personally chosen to be the first piece of music to enter your ears. I have to say, I was extremely impressed with the opening title track… Certainly an entertaining and melodic number which possessed my full, unadulterated attention. I expected sing songy jazz pop that was predictable in nature and easy to follow – compatible for a mass audience. What I discovered was quite the opposite actually. The whole CD is wonderfully simple but full of energy and music that appeals to the senses. It reminds me a little of Madonna, Pink, Lady Gaga and even Fergie. There are both fantastic and grooving moments on Heart Strings. The overall sound is very marketable. There were also some entertaining moments throughout but also a few pin drop moments as well. From top to bottom Heart Strings is an extremely polished sounding production with amazing sound quality, impressive production strokes and first and foremost a vocalist that delivers the goods.

The most amazing thing about Irena Hart is she appeals to both modern day dance, pop, rock and even hip hop listeners. This is harder to do than it sounds – and shouldn’t be strived for, rather it should come just naturally. Hart is an amazing talent and she has proven herself worthy of praise with this latest string of songs. There’s nothing more dangerous than an Ukrainian born musical talent armed with a great visual, voice and a one way ticket to your heart. Need I say more?

5 of 5 stars

Written by Derrick Hennessey (UK). Edit provided by blackdog (woof).

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  1. A great fusion of Pop and Jazz from Irena Hart

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