Planetary Nights – Today Ain’t Too Late – CD Review

Planetary NightsI remember when my parents would tuck me in at night and read me a bed time story. As the stories unfolded it provided much in the way of drama, and entertainment. Each story, a portal into the next dimension — building excitement and unpredictability with each passing page.  Actually “Today Ain’t Too Late” by New York based Planetary Nights featuring local hero R.J. McSweeney does all of the above.

Singer/songwriter/guitarist, R.J. McSweeney has been hitting the pavement for many a year now in the New York area. He recently surfaced to give us new material via this latest collection of songs. His band Planetary Nights is headed up by R.J. (Vocals, Guitar), Kelley Looney (bass), Rob Thomas (keys), and Phil Cimino (drums). It’s truly amazing what these guys have done. I’ve never had a CD suck me in quite like this one – refusing to let go and calling me back after it was complete. The music just flows like a river via an invigorating vocal front and an addictive guitar driven vibe that is comparable to a faded pair of Blue Jeans. There is also an undeniable New York Classic Rock quality to this CD that is painfully simple yet brilliantly crafted. The CD works its magic when you just let go and roll with the straight forward classic rock sound. The music not so commercially viable, but amazing nonetheless with music reminiscent of Van Morrison, Eddie Money, and Bob Segar.  What I like most about the CD is the musical space it provides. Not every square inch is filled with a mundane vocal delivery under duress – but space the allows the CD to just breathe on its own. What am I trying to say? This CD does not try in an overcompensating way to grab you attention.

“Today Ain’t Too Late” by R.J. McSweeney and his band Planetary Nights is a classic snapshot of rock music in it’s hey day – the 70’s. In this aspect this latest release is limited by nothing. It is painfully simple but technically brilliant in its delivery. I would imagine as time goes by we will hear more from R.J. The flower-children will love him, the Asbury Park culture will embrace him with open arms, and the Classic Rockers will worship him for all he is.

Rating: 3.5/5


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This review written Mindy McCall. Edits provided by blackdog.

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