The Bluescats – Earthquake Mama – CD Review

The Bluescats Have you ever met someone who wasn’t afraid to just let it all hang out? Well I have. Weather it was during that painful airplane flight, catching glimpses of reality TV, or hanging with folks that were overly intoxicated. There are pros and cons when you let it all hang out. One of the cons: You sometimes get too much information or the dreaded TMI effect. However one of the pros worth mentioning: When you hang around these types of personalities it can, at times, find their presence “Intoxicating”. This is exactly how I would describe LA blues band The Bluecats.

“Earthquake Mama” is their latest release and it has much to commend. Admittedly, there is a whole lot of variety to these arrangements and performances of this smoking band. The CD has many things working in its favor. First: The lineup consisting of many solid players headed up by Tony Battelle who is no slouch on harmonica. The music has all the trademarks of the Texas Boogie Woogie with a little Americana for spice. Second: This is not a-typical Ramon Noodle Blues Music, instead these 4 could be classed as a 3 genre artist. Both writers: Battelle and Pittell have way too much precision and clarity to live in the shadows with a poetic splendor. What am I trying to say? The Bluecats simply lets it all hang out. Indeed this is clearly evident in songs like “Pocket Full of Rain”, “I Don’t Like You” and “Does She Love Me” which methodically ups the ante to a very respectable level of catchy-poppy musical craftsmanship and brilliant creativity. This bands persona: comparable to Babe Ruth. This mystique will no doubt have appeal to many listeners who enjoy this type of “no holds barred” musical personality. Third: Some of the songs have commercial viability as well possessing even a mainstream appeal. Honestly I can hear some of this stuff on the radio. This music is comparable to Johnny Winter, Muddy Waters and the legendary Buddy Guy. Any way you slice it this CD has a lot of variety both in the writing, and playing.

Make no bones about it “Earthquake Mama” from The Bluecats delivers the goods! It’s an endearing album that has a powerful and full tilt appeal to it. What you see is what you get and if you don’t like it – don’t listen. Those that do will love it and find the CD intoxicating. Some songs go down like fine cognac while others – well more like white lightning.

Rating: 4.5/5


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This review written by Mindy McCall. Edits provided by blackdog.

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