Myles Marcus – “Haunting Me” (SINGLE)

About the Artist: This latest single “Haunting Me” (2012) is the latest from Myles Marcus who hails from Sparta, New Jersey. Marcus has been hitting it pretty hard with his first single “Jump” (2011). To be an artist in the Music Business you have to have what I call the 3 P’s – patience, persistence and perseverance. Some have what it takes, some you’ll never hear from again. Well Marcus is back and these latest tracks were produced by (RH3) Roy Hamilton III and Frank Dona.

Review: “Haunting Me” (4:22) certainly doesn’t disappoint. This is one song that brings to the table effective songwriting with high-energy pop rock delivery. Marcus is also known for their powerful live performances around the New York area. Like the title suggests this song is striking in nature with a solid bass driven beat, impressive musical build and even a rap segment which I assume is RH3. “Overall it was a great ride which bounced along well in my head even after the song was over. All in all the piece is wonderfully simple but masterful in it’s arrangement. Music reminded me of a cross between The Wanted and Adam Lambert. There are some fantastic moments on both singles which gives this artist a modern Dance Pop vibe. Marcus’s vocal presence works track for track and the behind the scenes production virtuoso hits the spot.

Criticism: If you can survive the sonic overdosing this single can be a real treat.

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Haunting Me:

Conclusion: It’s hard to fins any flaws with this latest single from Myles Marcus. Marcus leaves a lasting impression even after the music is over. This usually indicates he is something special that’s deserving of praise, recognition and musical fame in 2012. Time will tell.

10 star rating average – This CD gets 8.5 stars

Drew Blackwell (New Zealand).

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  1. With a title like that, I might just have to add it to my halloween playlist. Rock on!
    Rob@haunted house´s last blog post ..Embrace Your Ghosts

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