Petrel drops a Bombshell

About the Artist: This latest single “Bombshell” (2012) is the latest from sister act Petrel who hails from Long Island area but have recently relocated to Los Angels under the Marketing Supervision of one Johnny Wright (NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Brittany Spears.)

Review: “Bombshell” (3:24) certainly doesn’t disappoint. This is one song that brings to the table effective songwriting with high-energy pop rock delivery with delicious-scandalous subject matter. Petrel is a 3 sister they also display some impressive talent. Jess (vocals), Destiny (guitar) and last but not least Bekeh (keyboards, drums). Like the title suggests this song is defiant and striking in it s posture with it’s solid bass driven beat, impressive musical build and amazing vocal performance by Jess. Overall it was a great ride which bounced along well in my head even after the song was over. All in all the piece is wonderfully simple but masterful in it’s arrangement. The production strokes are Wold Class. Music reminded me of a cross between Powder Puff Girls and Katy Perry. There are some fantastic moments on this single which gives it a modern Dance Pop vibe. The vocal presence 0f Jess works well and the behind the scenes production virtuoso of Brian Howes just makes the whole thing work.

Criticism: If you can survive the sonic overdosing this single can be a real treat. I also wish I heard more harmonies showcased between the 3 sisters as well. This could make for a killer signature sound.

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Conclusion: It’s hard for me to find any solid flaws with this latest single from Petrel. It has everything to attract attention: Solid groove, melodic hooks, impressive vocal front, and a in your face defiance and attitude. This song leaves a lasting impression even after the music is over. This usually indicates these 3 are on to something special deserving of praise, recognition and musical fame in 2012. Time will tell.

10 star rating average – This CD gets 8.0 stars

Drew Blackwell (New Zealand).

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  1. These girls have a really impressive sound and I loved the arrangement of the song – they remind me a bit of artists like Alana Grace and Alexx Calise. The lead singer actually does sound a lot like Katy Perry as well.

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