Doug McCurry – Romance Like it Was

Artist: Doug McCurry
Album: Romance Like it Was
Label: Impendent Artist

About the Artist: This latest CD “Romance like it Was” (2012) from Doug McCurry who hails from North Carolina. McCurry has been around the block before with previous band “Big Brick Building” and having released 2 albums thus far as a solo artist.

Review: “Romace Like it Was” is one release that certainly doesn’t disappoint. This is one artist that brings to the table effective songwriting with a addictive vocal appeal meshed with a superlative Alternative-Psychabilly sound. McCurry even adds touches on Punk Rock and Modern Ambient Rock. This CD is quite uplifting with infectious vocal persona coupled with impressive well-crafted sound. Overall it was an invigorating journey which will have many emotionally inspired for what lied ahead. All in all – all songs are wonderfully simple but masterful in their overall arrangements. Music reminded me of a cross between The Minus 5, Spoon, and Wilco. There are some fantastic moments on this CD which gives McCurry an amazing feel emotionally when connecting with listeners. What’s more, McCurry’s vocal abilities are as good as they get within this genera. Kudos goes out to all the behind the scenes work by McCurry and his band.

Criticism: Some of the songwriting, lyrical content, music is a bit over the top and overly eccentric. All this is great no doubt but I wonder how much of this is accessible when presented to a mass audience. No doubt there’s a cult following waiting to happen for McCurry but this is not the most marketable CD I’ve ever heard. It’s just too far off in left field for me. Some of this may effect McCurry’s marketability. Also I didn’t notice any music videos from McCurry I can’t hit him for that as that as this is a CD review but it would be beneficial to him no doubt to explore that angle to better market his music to the world.

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Conclusion: It’s hard to find any flaws with this latest CD from Doug McCurry. McCurry leaves a lasting impression even after the music is over. This usually indicates he is something special that’s deserving of praise, recognition and above all musical fame at the international level. McCurry is comparable to a drug – you can put it down but you ‘lll be back form more.

Rating: 10 star rating. This CD gets 7.0 stars

Drew Blackwell
Wellington, NZ.

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