Jackslacks drop 2 hot new singles

Jackslacks – “Lucky Man”, “Best Friend Gone Away” singles

Official URL – www.reverbnation.com/jackslacks

This single from Jackslacks is two songs that sit pretty well in the same basic musical territory. That’s a catchy, folk and country influenced alternative pop style. While the two pieces are both generally set in that kind of acoustic guitar driven motif, there are definitely differences between the two. Both are quite entertaining, though and showcase a talented musical act. Jackslacks is a San Diego, California based group consisting of Jackslacks, Eric Hutchinson, Dave Votel and Jano Aste-Nieto. Jackslacks himself is something of a rarity in the music business in that he’s a drummer who also sings. While people like Phil Collins make that seem more common than it is, onstage Collins (and more recently Nick D’Virgilio) don’t usually do both at the same time, instead bringing another drummer onstage so that they can focus solely on singing. “Lucky Man” has a real lazy sort of laid back mode. The vocals (and even the arrangement in some ways) remind me a bit of Neil Young, but these have more clarity and a better melodic element to them than that comparison conveys. The acoustic guitar soloing on this is more or less bluegrass in texture. “Best Friend Gone Away” starts tentatively, but then powers out into a bouncing kind of pop rock meets country style. It has something in common with groups like Poco and Pure Prairie League, but it also has a modern edge to it. It’s instantly likeable and catchy and has more energy than its sister tune. It’s hard to listen to this and not feel happy. There’s a tasty electric guitar solo that just oozes an old school rock and roll vibe.

Perhaps the closest reference point here would be The Byrds in the sort of folk meets rockabilly and pop rock sound. That doesn’t really capture everything here, but it doesn’t land far from it. While there are definitely differences between these two tracks, there are a bit too similar to feel completely unique. Of course, judging a group based on two songs isn’t really very simple or accurate.


Review by G. W. Hill edited by Drew Blackwell

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