Bone of Contettion release CD

BOC3Band: Bone of Contention

Album: Self-titled

About the Artist: 3 piece band from Los Angeles just released their latest self-titled CD in 2011. Band member include Chet Cline (Keyboards and Vocals), Dave Haddad (Drums and Percussion), Bill Pittman and Louis Ruiz (bass).


This latest self -titled effort is one release that certainly doesn’t disappoint. This is one band that brings to the table effective songwriting via a highly diversified musical delivery. This meshed with a one in a million Prog-Rock sound and well-rounded songwriting make for an effective combination. BOC even touch on Hard Alt-Rock with hints of Jam Band and Fusion Jazz, and Ambient-Theatrical Rock.  All songs are wonderfully simple yet masterful in their overall arrangements. Music reminded me of a cross between Finger 11, Chevelle, 10 Years, Evans Blue and even conservative elements of The Police, Toto, and Mr. Bungle. This CD is quite entertaining and almost fascinating overall with an amazing vocal front of Chet Cline. If he just so happened to write all these songs well he could be bigger than any of us realize at the moment.  All songs are amazing via well-crafted pieces and top flight musicianship. There are some incredible moments on this CD. Many songs simply personify the human experience which gives BOC an amazing feel in its attempt to connect with a cult fanbase locally or abroad.

Bottom Line: Bone of Contention will affirm your faith in music again. Chet Cline and company area unique, hardworking artists that know their way around a stage and knows how to write you a compelling piece of music. At the end of the day “BOC” is one hell of a ride and delivers a thought provoking 45+ minute catalog of musical exuberance. It also covers all the bases by delivering: Alternative Rock, Jazz, Fusion, and Progressive Rock.

Final Word: This CD is shock to the status quo. It will genuinely rock your world unlike most music you hear on the radio these days. Finally a band that acts like themselves musically. Where have you been for the last 10 years?

Favorite Tracks: End of an Error, Guano, Feed the Greed .


by Michael Keith edited by Michael Rand

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