Andrea Desmond puts Seattle back on the map


Andrea Desmond releases “Open Spaces” EP

Locale” Seattle, WA

It wasn’t to long ago Seattle, Washington ruled the airwaves with amazing band like Nirvana, Peal Jam and Alice in Chains. Recently rapper Maclemore is taking off. Vocalist Andrea Desmond is a hot up and comer based out of the Pacific North West as well and is definitely worth mentioning. Desmond BTW also known as Seattle’s “indie pop sweetheart” (, is a true musical free spirit! She is a singer-songwriter on piano who recently won Best Singer/Songwriter Music Video for Akademia Music Awards and also won first place for her song “Run” in the Eco Arts Awards: Songs of Freedom Competition. She was nominated for Best Adult Contemporary Artist at the Artist in Music Awards, for which she also performed at the Nomination Ceremony/Red Carpet Event in Hollywood. Now with her powerful backing band, the White Lights, they made it to the finals of the Seattle Jammin’ Challenge, which kick-started her career in the city. They recorded four tracks at Toybox Studios with Justin Cronk of Vendetta Red back in September 2012, and soon after Andrea got signed to Spectra Records – one of the world’s largest independent labels. She is currently working on her album and music video for the label.

Her music is steeped in a multidimensional fusion of indie-rock, and 70s psychedelic blues-rock in the spirit of heavyhearted forebears such as Brodka, Icona Pop, Sky Perreira, Clarice Falcao, Natalia Kills. If she rocked out a bit more I could also hear 30 Seconds to Mars, to Melissa Ehtheridge. Her latest EP “Open Spaces” embraces the rich heritage of all of the above genres, while holding her own within his deep and versatile voice and bold writing style. All of this and more tie the album together nicely, even as the music skips around and delves into unsuspected territory. This is more than just alt-rock folks, I can even hear R&B and melancholy pop woven within the musical fabric. The EP starts off with striking “Block the Heart” a rocking love ballad which is comparable to a shock to the senses. “Dream Breakers” and “I Can Wait No Longer” are equally as impressive with flamboyant vocal flair from Desmond. By track 2 this EP hits solid stride and keeps coming at you one track after the next. Just when you think you got Desmond figured out the next few tracks dive even deeper. “Painting” and “Run” will blow you away emotionally without trying to hard to do so.

After listening to “Open Spaces” by Andrea Desmond it’s evident to me Jordan’s talents with her band are far beyond what I imagined or even expected. She has a powerful writing style and voice and look that many people will gravitate towards. She also captures that Seattle sound with the pop realm. Andrea Desmond proves she is a musical force to be reckoned with up that way. It’s nice to see an artist from Seattle move up amongst the musical ranks again. My hats off to Desmond for keeping it real in Seattle musically.

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