Goodnight Tonight releases EP


Band: Goodnight Tonight

Locale: Kent, OH
Sounds Like: White Stripes, Sister Hazel, Gin Blossoms. The Ready Set, He is We, The Brighter Lights


Goodnight Tonight is an Alternative Rock band from Kent, Ohio. Emily Gambone leads on the vocals and guitar, Holly Camp is on the bass and Logan McNeal on drums and vocals. The trio has been playing together since 2008 when they started their first band, Noize from the Basement. Working with producer Mike Brown of Lavaroom Recording Studio, they just released this critically acclaimed EP entitled “Watch the Rain.” In 2013, they entered the TRI-C Rock Off and took first place. Having different interests, the three members split from the secondary guitarist shortly after this victory.

An original blender of sound mixing bands like White Stripes, Sister Hazel, Gin Blossoms. The Ready Set, He is We, The Brighter Lights w/a dash of Radiohead and The Swell Season expect a high octane Indie pop-rock trio that fuses rock solid songwriting with soulful harmonies. They touch on all styles, fusing genres with each song like Alternative Rock and Hard Pop. Their latest offering “Watch the Rain” is a Bluesy, Rocking 6 track album that gleefully dances up and down the spectrum of modern-day Alt-Rock with hints of Americana-Pop served up hot on the side. The CD Opens with the finger snapping “The Only Thing I Know” and pulls out all the stops until the final track “Back on my Feet Again.” The album as a whole pretty much hits on all cylinders. Goodnight Tonight is an eclectic mixture of many different styles of music and covers a lot of ground. The music and vocal presence of Gambone present the perfect musical backdrop for just sitting back and jamming out or playing in the car for a long drive. While each track is similar within their own right, all pieces on “Watch the Rain” delivers unique, emotionally charged musical experiences that will satisfy any aficionado. Of particular note are the smooth, soothing vocals provided by Gambone. Did I mention she also plays guitar. If she just so happened to write these songs – well shoe could be bigger than any of us realize right now. Gambone commands an appealing voice via solid musical performances within their own right, all the while retaining a masculine/feminine fullness that compliments the skillful array of sounds brought forward by the rest of the band. Though I could be wrong I suspect their musical influences here are as follows: White Stripes, Sister Hazel, Gin Blossoms. The Ready Set, He is We, The Brighter Lights. Tracks that stand out for me are the final 3 of the 6: Because of You, Lieutenant James, and Back on my Feet Again. All tracks are “wow” good! EP Is wow good!

To sum it up: I give the Goodnight Tonight an enthusiastic nine out of10 stars and highly recommend this album to any fan of hard pop and rock. Grab yourself a copy and kick up your heels to some solid melodic and catchy as hell songwriting that really stays with you log after the EP’ runs its course.  I may never get the chorus of “Lieutenant James” out of my head. All jokes aside – Goodnight Tonight set the standard for the genre, and should be a big hit this Summer.

Final Rating: 5/5 Stars

Review by Dawn McDowell edited by Joshua Beach. Approved by Drew Blackwell (UK).

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